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GrayBit: General Info

Relying on colors to determine page visibility and contrast can be misleading. Converting the colors to their grayscale equivalents is a more reliable method. By removing color’s influence, you’ll better find true visual contrast… GrayBit makes it possible.

GrayBit isn’t without limitations. Currently the tool works best on websites that make use of cascading style sheets and a standardized markup. Sites that use style information within tables or use frames may not be properly converted. Moreover, certain site JavaScripts may not function as expected. This would include imagery as found in remotely generated ads.

If you encounter problems not mentioned while using GrayBit, please be a sport and Contact Joe so we’ll know what’s up and can work on the solving the problem for the next release.

GrayBit: Usage Terms

Feel free to use GrayBit at your discretion and at your own risk. Load times and viewing results may vary from web page to web page depending on numerous factors. If you encounter problems, please Contact Joe to give feedback or report bugs.

GrayBit: Privacy’s privacy policy is simple: We do collect information from our visitors for stat-tracking, but no information is shared.

Support GrayBit

GrayBit is a donation-supported project. This is a popular site, and is expensive to keep online - consider making a donation to keep it running!

GrayBit was originally created by Mike Cherim and Jonathan Fenocchi. In April 2013, it was purchased by Joe Dolson, who now maintains, hosts, and is continuing the project as time allows.

GrayBit: Tech Info

GrayBit’s Binary Technology, or Bit, is powered with PHP, a server-side scripting language. It will function regardless of your individual browser settings and/or limitations.