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The Importance of Transparency for a Business

We all heard stories about how corrupt a certain country’s government is and how Machiavellian some companies are. They exist all over the globe and are happening as we speak, but most people don’t know how to combat the issue, which gives us normal people doubts and uncertainty on who to trust. Transparency is crucial in our society, especially when conducting business. This is why services like TrustGrid are established to serve as an identity layer to verify the people who want to connect. In addition, here are several reasons why transparency is essential for a business:

It Increases Productivity

When your partners, investors, customers, and agents have complete trust in you, you can chalk one up on the board because you, my friend, are winning; you’re absolutely crushing it, and many people will want to have your life. But when suspicions are being cast towards you and people can’t seem to find a good enough reason to put their trust in you and your business, you won’t be able …