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Why You Should Own a Laptop

In contemporary society, everyone should own a laptop computer. Through constant technological advancement, laptops are becoming ideal for computing solutions. Unlike in the olden days where laptop computers were big, bulky, and had performance compromises compared to a desktop computer. Currently, computers have similar specialties to desktop.

Better Resale Value

Unlike desktop PCs that have lower resale value, laptops hold more value. Old ad obsolete laptops that are good condition are worth a fraction of their original prices. Whether it a Mac or PC machine, they are a considerable asset, which is distinct to a desktop, which to go a zero resale value rapidly.


Laptops come in different sizes and varieties. The best part is that you can carrystreaming movies them to a different location as you wish. It can store power for later use. With a computer-laptop, you can watch movies in bed, clear some tasks as you take your meals, or play a game on your couch. The laptop offers your various features that a desktop does not …