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Why You Should Own a Laptop

In contemporary society, everyone should own a laptop computer. Through constant technological advancement, laptops are becoming ideal for computing solutions. Unlike in the olden days where laptop computers were big, bulky, and had performance compromises compared to a desktop computer. Currently, computers have similar specialties to desktop. Hence, they are useful in all sectors of an organization. Your desktop may be getting and boring; nevertheless, 17 inch laptop computer reviews are offering you a variety of computers that come in different sizes to lighten your day at work. Here are the reasons why your next computer should be a laptop:

Better Resale Value

Unlike desktop PCs that have lower resale value, laptops hold more value. Old ad obsolete laptops that are good condition are worth a fraction of their original prices. Whether it a Mac or PC machine, they are a considerable asset, which is distinct to a desktop, which to go a zero resale value rapidly.


Laptops come in different sizes and varieties. The best part is that …