We all heard stories about how corrupt a certain country’s government is and how Machiavellian some companies are. They exist all over the globe and are happening as we speak, but most people don’t know how to combat the issue, which gives us normal people doubts and uncertainty on who to trust. Transparency is crucial in our society, especially when conducting business. This is why services like TrustGrid are established to serve as an identity layer to verify the people who want to connect. In addition, here are several reasons why transparency is essential for a business:

It Increases Productivity

When your partners, investors, customers, and agents have complete trust in you, you can chalk one up on the board because you, my friend, are winning; you’re absolutely crushing it, and many people will want to have your life. But when suspicions are being cast towards you and people can’t seem to find a good enough reason to put their trust in you and your business, you won’t be able to get anything done. Thus, your productivity will be cut in half, or even more, and the only way for you to avoid this is by being transparent with them, share all of your goals and plans, build a reputation that they can trust!

It Establishes Trust

Having trust is like having support even when you’re falling down. Imagine a table that’s supposed to have four legs to support it but only have one left; it can never hold the weight of its own and eventually will nosedive straight face-first to the cold and hard floor. But when you, as a business owner, establish trust between the company and their clients, workers, and investors, know that they will have your back even when things go bad. Trust is a powerful thing that we should never take for granted, and we should always aim to establish a corporate culture full of trust for continuous support and the creation of a healthy working environment.

It Widens Relationships


Your business will benefit from having a broad circle and a vast professional network. When your business is revered as a reputable and trustworthy company, your name can work for you and be an advantage that you will learn to appreciate in the future. Calls and emails will show themselves every day to the point that you’re having trouble replying to them, multiple customers from all over the world will want to work with you, and your employees can have a better relationship with the company since it is built on mutual trust. Thus, we are sure that having transparency in a company is the number one aspect that every business owner should thrive on.