In contemporary society, everyone should own a laptop computer. Through constant technological advancement, laptops are becoming ideal for computing solutions. Unlike in the olden days where laptop computers were big, bulky, and had performance compromises compared to a desktop computer. Currently, computers have similar specialties to desktop. Hence, they are useful in all sectors of an organization. Your desktop may be getting and boring; nevertheless, 17 inch laptop computer reviews are offering you a variety of computers that come in different sizes to lighten your day at work. Here are the reasons why your next computer should be a laptop:

Better Resale Value

Unlike desktop PCs that have lower resale value, laptops hold more value. Old ad obsolete laptops that are good condition are worth a fraction of their original prices. Whether it a Mac or PC machine, they are a considerable asset, which is distinct to a desktop, which to go a zero resale value rapidly.


Laptops come in different sizes and varieties. The best part is that you can carrystreaming movies them to a different location as you wish. It can store power for later use. With a computer-laptop, you can watch movies in bed, clear some tasks as you take your meals, or play a game on your couch. The laptop offers your various features that a desktop does not have due to its portability.

Space Saver

One of the best delights of owning a laptop is that safe a lot of space on your desk. A desktop takes too much space on your computer desk, but with a computer, you will realize the much space as soon as you set it up. A laptop will come to an external mouse and a pad.

Energy Saver

Laptops use less energy than desktop PCs. Whether you are concerned about the environment or not, computer-laptops generate less energy footprint. Therefore, if you switch to laptops, your electric bills will be at a reasonable level.

Better Keyboards

Laptops come with short profile keys that have scissor-stylelaptops spring underneath, which will improve your typing speed. Unlike the extended desktop keyboard that feels old and clunky. Furthermore, laptops have a trackpad that works as in-built wrist rest to minimize noise. The keyboard produces environmentally friendly sounds when typing.

Better Screens

Laptop displays have a high-quality resolution because its LCD screen is more superior to a desktop LCD monitor. The screens display true colors and gradients that do not blur.